Die Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zwischen Preußen und Schottland zu Beginn des 15. Jahrhunderts

Arnd Reitemeier


Trade between Prussia and Scotland at the Beginning of the Fifteenth Century: Since the beginning of this Century the long-neglected relations between Prussia and Scotland have only been dealt with by David Ditchburn whose dissertation unfortunately has not been published. A systematic approach is therefore chosen in this article to focus on the trading links between Prussia and Scotland at the beginning of the fifteenth Century. Outstanding not only among the Prussian but also among the Hanseatic towns trading with Scotland is Danzig. There is scattered evidence that Prussian merchants engaged in the trade with Scotland belonged to the leading merchant families in their towns. Yet others followed their route and it was the Teutonic Order whose agents can be found stationed in Edinburgh during almost the whole of the first two decades of the fifteenth Century. There is also evidence that their interest especially in this town was answered as Edinburgh had, compared to all other Scottish towns, the most intensive trading links with the Baltic Sea and thus with Prussia, followed