„Rote Brause im Kopf“. Die Pariser Exilzeitschrift Kultura über das Verhältnis westdeutscher Schriftsteller zum Kommunismus

Krzysztof Okoński


The consequences of the student revolt of 1968 substantially affected the subsequent decade in a variety of forms. The fascination with Marxism, the search of a ‘third way’ between communism and capitalism, ‘a long march through the institutions of power’, and the escalation of radical left terrorism were the central themes of public discussions in Germany; this discussion also involved writers. In view of the restrictions imposed by censorship in communist Poland, the only arena enabling Polish writers to enjoy uncon¬strained exchange of views on these issues were magazines and radio stations in exile and, after 1976, also underground publishers. The ‘Kultura’ Polish exile magazine (published in Paris) was focused on the attitude of West German writers towards communism, radical left ideology and freedom of speech.